Swyft Technology provides small, mid-market, and enterprise organizations with a robust suite of inexpensive, cloud-based software solutions.

Our products automate and streamline business processes for clients in industries as complex and varied as financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and business-to-business sales. Our proprietary event-driven business rule engine synchronizes applications among mobile devices, web sites, retail stores, medical practices, and call centers.

Swyft Technology was founded in 2003 by a team of executives and developers with decades of experience in healthcare, finance, IT, and systems integration. Today, we’ve expanded from our original focus in finance to provide solutions for clients in communications, cable, technology, and a wide range of services and B2B industries.

Our custom solutions and flagship products like Swyft Mobile and Swyft Mobile for Salesforce all serve the same goal: to provide our users with mobile-optimized software that’s both easy-to-use and configured to their specific needs.